About Us

The Robert L. Kyle Center for Semi-Independent Living provides residential services for adults diagnosed with mild to moderate levels of intellectual disability and/or developmental disabilities. Individuals are assisted in transition to less restrictive integrated housing.

Training is provided to develop independent living skills in areas such as menu preparation, grocery shopping, cooking, housekeeping, grooming, budgeting and keeping appointments.

In addition to the Semi-Independent Apartment Program, Kyle Center is a lead provider for Individualized Supported Living. The ISL Program is a coordinated system of supports centering around the individual. It is designed to facilitate each person’s choices to live, work, learn, and actively participate with non-disabled peers in the community. These supports may include: training, protective oversight, physical assistance or environmental adaptations.

The Center also provides Respite Care. Temporary care is provided for those individuals whose families may need to be away for emergencies, illness, travel, etc.

Kyle Center meets Department of Mental Health Licensure rules for fire, safety, sanitation, and programming. The Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex or national origin in its employment or service policies.

Funding is provided by the Department of Mental Health as well as individual donations.