Services & Specialties

Kyle’s Center provides various services to the disabled as listed below. If you have any questions on the topics listed below be sure to fill out a form in our contact page

  • Nutritious meals: Staff are there to provide dietary supervision to meet individual needs.
  • 24-hour on site staff provider care: Tailored to the individual’s needs for those who need support. Kyle Center staff are there.
  • Habilitation services: Learning to live in one’s home and meeting the trials of everyday life can be difficult for the developmentally disabled.  The Kyle Center staff is highly experienced and provides supervision by quality professionals. To help keep, learn and improve skills and functioning for daily living.
  • Environmental safety: Our well-trained maintenance staff will provide the supervision for residents to keep the homes clean, safe and accessible. Excellent people skills and a good rapport between residents and staff enable residents to attain individual goals with their environment, such as personalizing their room’s décor.
  • RN Supervision: With certified RN on staff. All services are supervised by a registered nurse.
  • Rehabilitation services: Experienced staff are here to provide health, occupational and rehabilitation services as needed.
  • Community involvement: Kyle Center staff assists all residents to explore their community resources to become an active, involved, productive member of our community. At present, Kyle Center provides over 100 hours per month of assisted community integration planned and delivered on an individual basis.
  • Services management: Our well-trained professional staff is ready to assist residents with insurance filing, management of their personal funds, acquisition of services, maintains medical records, med trained staff administer prescription medications, arrange doctor and health professional appointments and access to their community.

What Makes Us Different:

Well informed staff. One of the most important components of Kyle Center service provider’s capabilities is a well-informed staff. As staff are the go to source for residents daily issues. Staff are there to help for personal support.